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What We Provide

From the ocean, We deliver!

Fresh Tuna

We deliver fresh tuna loin, saku , steaks and other cuts as well as whole tuna delivery

Frozen WR Skipjack tuna

Frozen premium skipjack tuna , caught from Indonesian ocean

Frozen WG, GG, WR Yellowfin Tuna

Fozen yellowfin tuna in any form . WR, WG, GG

Smoked Tuna

Natural wooden slow smoked tuna , we bring natural taste wooden smoke tuna

Skipjack Tuna fillets

Skipjack tuna fillets for wider purposes with easy applied to the end process productions

Delivery and Logistics

We provide effective delivery with multi modal transport under proper cold chain managements

Who We Are

Welcome to Indotuna

Eka Seafood Indonesia global seafood supplier, trader and fish dealer from Surabaya, Indonesia . We are on the business over decade since 2004. Located at major eastern Indonesia gateway , Surabaya . Hence we are strategically coverage the richness of Eastern Indonesian seafood . We are investing our resources to set up most efficiently supply chain of Raw material yellowfin tuna across the nation and deliver to you . From the Indonesian ocean, We deliver !

Our Team


Sales & Marketing development , logistics , shipping and cold chain

HERU Sales and Marketing

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REZA Sales and Web Admin

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Bui Products Developments

Healthy Food , Good Life

We deliver tuna from Indonesian Ocean

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Griya Citra Asri Surabaya 60198 East Java , Indonesia

+62851000 42896, +6287702471677

For any inquiry , please contact info@indotuna.id