Fresh Tuna

fresh yellowfin tunaloin
Fresh Tuna

Indonesia is home of tuna, we provide fresh tuna caught from Indonesian economic zone water . 
Yellowfin tuna , big eye tuna, albacore tuna, Skipjack tuna and bullet tuna is major species .

We believe in the paradigm , ” the best tuna on the table certainly start from the best raw material in the proper cold chain handling “.

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indonesia tuna
Yelllowfin tuna
Indonesian Tuna

We organize fresh tuna from the landing on the port to deliver to your nearest airport .
As a result , We deliver them fresh in any products required , Loin, Saku, Portion , Whole round, whole gutted , headless gutted

Above all , please get in touch with us , for any discussion inquiry or further information, we are love to hear it .

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